Raw PreRolled Tips:

Some people mistakenly call tips filters, but they are in fact not a filter at all. They act more like a spacer, or crutch for the end of your cigarette.

Reasons To Use Tips:

  • Tips prevent having soggy, sloppy, clogging cigarette ends.
  • Tips conserve your tobacco, no more wasted ends!
  • Tips strengthen and give your cigarette a better shape and feel.
  • Tips prevent tobacco from getting in your mouth! (Pah-tew-ing)

So, how did Josh come up with the idea for Gummed tips? Just like all RAW products Pre-Rolled Tips started from necessity, and making the smoking experience more enjoyable. Josh used to put on a pair of Crocs® before he’d roll. That’s because Crocs® have holes in them that he’d use to store his tips after rolling them – before inserting them into his cigarettes. It worked great BUT his friends would make fun of him so he decided to add a little bit of gum to the tips to make them stay rolled. That was end of Croc-rolled-tips and the birth of RAW Pre-Rolled Tips!

Classic Tips:
Gummed Tips:

Getting back to Pre Rolled Tips...

Gummed tips RAWK!  However some people said they just couldn’t figure out how to roll a tip.  We’d catch them smoking without a tip and say WHY?  They explained they didn’t have the time or just couldn’t figure out how to roll them.  So – finally – Josh decided it was time to invent pre-rolled tips. 
It took him a long time to make a machine that could roll them with a good S in the middle.  There were 5 failed incarnations of the tip rolling machine. It cost a LOT and many people thought he had gone too far. However when we launched pre-rolled tips last year they sold faster than we ever thought possible.  In fact, they sold so fast we are still catching up! 

We enjoy rolling a good tip but even we often find myself using pre-rolled tips because they’re just soooo much easier!!  Sure, if we have friends over and want to show off we’ll roll some crazy 3-V tip.   We’ll share something that made me proud. We’re friendly with Rihanna and she LOVES our pre-rolled tips. She explained that she couldn’t roll tips due to her nails and now she can finally freestyle roll with a tip.

OK since We’ve shared all the good parts I’ll share one of the bad ones. Our factory manager let me know last week that someone copied our pre-rolled tip machine!  They went so far as to bribe one of our employees to explain how it all worked.  Our competitors are brutal, but we still respect how insanely far they’ll go to copy us.  We must be doing something incredibly right.


COPYCAT WARNING: A patent has been filed for this RAW innovation.
View the patent HERE


RAW has the largest selection of Tips in the marketplace. We are always trying to innovate and bring the smoking experience to the next level. With that being said there is always someone out there who will pretend to have come up with the idea before us, or claim they were the originators. They will make a similar looking product out of inferior materials, and market it right next to ours! It’s sad and pathetic at best. With RAW you always know that your products are RAWthentic! We go out of our way to bring you the best products and newest innovations, but never regurgitated ideas, or inferior products! Be RAWthentic!